RF Phase Noise to Phase Jitter converter calculator

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Oscillator Frequency in MHz (input1) :
Integrated phase noise in dBc(input2) :

RMS Phase Jitter in radians (Output1):
RMS Jitter in Seconds (Output2):

Frequency(MHz) =100, Integrated Phase Noise over bandwidth of interest = -67 dBc
phase jitter(radians) = 6.317 x 10-4 , phase jitter(ps) = 1.005

RF phase noise to jitter conversion equation

RF Phase noise is very important specification in the wireless system. It is mainly used with RF oscillators and RF frequency synthesizers. The noise near to the signal of interest is referred as phase noise. RF phase noise is measured in dBc/Hz. When measuring phase noise, it is measured at some frequency away from the signal of interest. For example, oscillator is designed to operate at 10MHz. For this phase noise is measured at 10Hz, 100Hz and 1KHz frequency points. Less is the phase noise better the system will be i.e. phase noise of -65dBC/Hz at 1KHz frequency is considered better compare to phase noise of -50dBc/Hz at the same 1KHz away. Following equation or formula is used for RF phase noise to jitter converter calculator.

The term phase jitter is the equivalent of RF phase noise in the digital domain. Hence it is often required to convert phase noise to jitter for various reasons.

rf phase noise to jitter converter calculator

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