What is pulse energy ?

Pulse energy refers to the amount of energy contained within a single pulse or short-duration burst of energy, typically in the form of electrical energy or electromagnetic radiation (such as light or laser pulses). It is measured in joules (J) or some equivalent units depending on the context.

Pulse energy is characterized by its intensity and duration. The intensity of a pulse is the amount of energy delivered per unit area, and the duration is the length of time over which the energy is delivered. In mathematical terms, pulse energy (E) can be calculated as follows.

Pulse Energy Formula

Following waveform and formula is used for this pulse energy calculator of square wave type.

square wave pulse energy calculator

➨E = P * t
Where ,
E is the pulse energy in joules (J).
P is the power of the pulse in watts (W).
t is the duration of the pulse in seconds (s).
If you have current (I) information for a square wave pulse:
P = I2 * R
If you have voltage (V) information for a square wave pulse:
P = V2 / R

Pulse energy calculator for square wave pulse

Power in Watts (input1) :

Pulse width in sec (input2) :

Energy, P in Joules (output) :

EXAMPLE #1: Pulse energy calculation
INPUTS: P =20 watts, t = 0.5 second
OUTPUTS: E = 10 Joule

Pulse energy calculator for capacitance charge/discharge waveform

Capacitance, Farads (input1) :

Peak voltage, volts (input2) :

Pulse Energy, Joule (output1) :

EXAMPLE #2: Pulse energy calculation for capacitance charge/discharge waveform type
INPUTS: Capacitance = 20F, Vpeak = 5 volts
OUTPUTS: E = 250 Joule

Capacitance charge/discharge waveform with Equations

Following waveform and equation is used for this pulse energy calculator of capacitance charge/discharge type.

capacitance charge discharge pulse waveform

Conclusion : In summary, measuring pulse energy is essential for quality control, safety, scientific research, and the optimization of various technologies and processes across a wide range of industries. Accurate energy measurements help ensure the effectiveness, safety, and reliability of systems and applications that involve energy pulses.

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