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Photodiode sensitivity | Definition, equation, calculator

This page describes Photodiode sensitivity definition. It mentions Photodiode sensitivity equation/formula and Photodiode sensitivity calculator.

Definition: The sensitivity of a photodiode is the ratio of amount of current flow with unit light irradiance. It can expressed as per equation below.

The dark current can be minimized in order to enhance the sensitivity of the photodiode.

Photodiode Sensitivity Calculator

Current flowing, Amperes (input1) :

Light irradiance, Watts (input2) :

Photodiode sensitivity (Output1):

Example of Photodiode sensitivity calculator:
INPUTS : I (Current) = 5mA, (H) Irradiance = 10 mWatt
OUTPUTS: S = 0.5

Photodiode sensitivity Equation | Photodiode sensitivity Formula

Following equation or formula is used for Photodiode sensitivity calculator.

Photodiode sensitivity equation,Photodiode sensitivity formula

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