Microstrip line impedance Calculator

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Relative Permittivity (input1) :

Height of substrate (input2) :

Width of line (input3) :

Microstrip Line Impedance in Ohms (Output1):

Effective Permittivity (Output2):

Relative permittivity = 10.9, h = 0.635 mm, W = 0.5mm
Impedance = 52.31 Ohm , Effective permittivity = 7.18
(1 mm =39.37 mils)

Microstrip line Impedance Equation

Microstrip line is an inhomogeneous transmission line structure. It basically consists of three layers. The top layer consists of strip conductor etched according to the layout. Middle one is the dielectric material. The bottom layer is completely metallised to provide the ground plane.

This type of microstrip line is very popular as it is easy to fabricate using photolithographic process. After etching, active and passive components can easily be soldered as the access to the top layer is very easy. It is very easy to troubleshoot the RF modules designed using microstrip line concept. Following equation or formula is used for microstrip line effective permittivity and impedance calculators.

Microstrip line effective permittivity
Microstrip line impedance

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