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MESFET pinch off voltage calculator | MESFET pinch off voltage formula

This page covers MESFET Pinch off voltage Calculator. It mentions Pinch off voltage formula used for the MESFET calculator.

Electron concentration (Nd) in cm-3 (input1) :

channel height (a) in µm (input2) :

Relative dielectric constant (εr) (input3) :

Pinch off voltage (Vp) in Volts (Output) :

EXAMPLE pinch off voltage calculator:
INPUTS: Nd = 8E17 cm-3, a = 0.1 µm, Er = 13.10
OUTPUTS: Vp = 5.517 volts

MESFET Pinch off voltage formula or equation

Following MESFET pinch off voltage formula is used in this calculator.

MESFET pinch off voltage formula or equation

Vp = Pinch off voltage
q = charge in coulombs, 1.6 x 10-19
Nd = Electron Concentration in electrons per cm-3
a = channel height in meters
εs = εr x ε0
Here ε0 is permittivity of free space with value of 8.854 x 10-12 F/m, εs is permittivity of material in Farads/meter and εr is relative dielectric constant.

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