LTE Resource Block Calculator | LTE Resource Block Calculation

This page mentions LTE Resource Block Calculator. It calculates PRB (Physical Resource Block) based on channel Bandwidth. The formula used in LTE resource block calculator is also mentioned. The LTE PRB calculation outputs FFT size and number of used subcarriers.

LTE Channel Bandwidth(Enter:1.4/3/5/10/15/20MHz):

Number of Resource Blocks per Slot(Output#1):

Number of Resource Blocks per Frame(Output#2):

Number of Used Subcarriers(Output#3):

Number of FFT Size (Output#4):

Input :
LTE Channel Bandwidth = 1.4 MHz
Outputs :
Number of Resource Blocks per slot = 6;
Number of Resource Blocks = 120;
Number of used subcarriers = 72;
Number of FFT points (i.e. FFT size) = 128;

LTE PRB Calculation | LTE Resource Block Calculator

Following equations/formula are used in this LTE Resource Block Calculator.
➨Number of Physical Resource Blocks (PRBs) in a slot (NPRBs)= Number of Used Carriers/12
➨Number of Physical Resource Blocks (PRBs) in a LTE frame = (NPRBs*20)

LTE Resource Block Calculation

Note: There are total 10 subframes in a LTE radio frame and each subframe consists of two slots.
Hence there are total 20 slots/frame.
This LTE resource block calculation is very useful for LTE system engineers and LTE network engineers.


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