LTE EARFCN calculator | EARFCN to Frequency conversion

This LTE EARFCN calculator does LTE EARFCN to Frequency conversion. The equations or formula for this EARFCN Calculator is also mentioned.

LTE Downlink EARFCN (input) :

LTE Downlink Frequency in MHz (Output1):

LTE Uplink Frequency in MHz(Output2):

Input : LTE EARFCN = 700
Outputs : LTE Downlink Frequency = 1940 MHz,
LTE Uplink Frequency = 1860 MHz

LTE EARFCN Calculator Formula or Equation

EARFCN in the LTE system is the short form of E-UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number. Similar to GSM ARFCN and UMTS UARFCN, EARFCN is used to simply the RF planning and maintenance process in the LTE technology based networks. It is easy to remember one single integer number rather than multiple real numbers. LTE EARFCN represent downlink as well as uplink frequency in the LTE system. Following equations or formula is used for LTE EARFCN calculator. The table helps to convert LTE EARFCN to frequency (DL, UL) and LTE frequency to EARFCN.

LTE EARFCN Calculator Equation

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