LED calculator | LED resistor calculator

This page covers LED calculator. The LED resistor calculator is used to calculate LED series resistor in the LED circuit. This LED calculator takes source voltage, LED voltage and LED current as inputs and produces LED resistor and LED power as output values.

LED Source voltage, volts (input1) :

Voltage drop across LED, volts(input2) :

Current through LED, in mA (input3) :

LED resistor in Ohms (Output1):

LED Power in Watts (Output2):

Example of LED calculator:
INPUTS : Vs = 5 volts, Vled = 0.5 volts, Iled = 5 mA
OUTPUTS: LED resistor (Rs) = 900 Ohm, LED Power =0.0025 Watts

LED resistor calculator Equation or LED calculator Formula

Following equation or formula is used for LED resistor calculator. The LED calculator takes inputs such as source voltage, voltage drop across LED, current through LED and produces outputs as LED series resistor in Ohms and LED power in watts.

LED resistor calculator equation or formula

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