IMPATT diode calculator | resonant frequency, CW power

This page IMPATT diode calculator. The formula or equations for resonant frequency and CW power calculation for this IMPATT diode calculator are also mentioned.

Efficiency (η) in % (input1):

Max. operating voltage in V (input2):

Max. operating current in mA (input3):

Carrier Drift Velocity (Vd) in meter/sec (input4):

Drift Region Length (L), in µm (input5):

CW Output Power, in Watts (Output1):

Resonant Frequency, in GHz (Output2):

η= 15%, Vo = 100 volts, Io = 200mA, Vd = 2E5, L =6 µm
CW output power = 3 Watts
Resonant Frequency = 16.67 GHz

IMPATT diode calculator formula or Equations

Following equations or formula are used for IMPATT diode calculator.

IMPATT diode formula, equation

f = Resonant Frequency
P = CW Output Power
Vd = Carrier Drift Velocity
L = Drift region length
η = Efficiency numeric value
Pdc = Operating Power = Max. operating voltage x Max. operating current

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