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Bridged Tee Attenuator calculator | Bridged Tee Attenuator Formula

This page covers Bridged Tee attenuator calculator. The formula or equations used in Bridged Tee attenuator calculator are also mentioned. This Bridged Tee attenuator calculator takes impedance and attenuation as inputs and produces resistances (R1 and R2) as outputs as per diagram shown.

Bridged Tee Attenuator

The figure-1 depicts bridged tee attenuator circuit.


Impedance in Ohms (input1) :
Attenuation in dB (input2) :


R1 value in Ohms :
R2 value in Ohms :

Bridged Tee attenuator calculator EXAMPLE:
INPUTS: Impedance = 50 , Attenuation = 6 dB
OUTPUTS: R1 = 49.763 Ohms
R2 = 50.238 Ohms

Bridged Tee attenuator calculator Formula or Equation

Following equation or formula is used for Bridged Tee Attenuator calculator.

Bridged Tee Attenuator calculator Formula

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