5G NR spectral efficiency Calculator | spectral efficiency formula

5G NR spectral efficiency Calculator mentions spectral efficiency formula used for 5G NR spectral efficiency calculation.

What is spectral efficiency ?

Spectral efficiency is the ratio of net data rate or throughput with channel bandwidth. Throughput or data rate is expressed in bits/sec and channel bandwidth is expressed in Hz. Hence spectral efficiency is expressed in units of bits/sec/Hz.

5G NR spectral efficiency calculator

Provide the inputs as per example mentioned as follows to the below calculator to determine 5G NR spectral efficiency.

5G NR Throughput (Gbps) :
Channel Bandwidth (MHz) :

5G NR Spectral Efficiency, b/s/Hz :

Example: 5G NR spectral efficiency calculator :
Throughput = 2.33 Gbps
Channel Bandwidth = 100 MHz
spectral efficiency = 23 bits/sec/Hz

5G NR spectral efficiency formula

Following 5G NR spectral efficiency formula is used for spectral efficiency calculation.

5G NR spectral efficiency formula

Follow 5G NR throughput calculator as per following formula to calculate throughput if required for above spectral efficiency calculator.

5G NR Throughput calculator

5G NR throughput formula

Refer 5G NR maximum throughput calculator >> to calculate 5G NR throughput.

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