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This page of RF Wireless World covers converters and calculators. These are very useful as it provides easy calculations along with example and formulas or mathematical equations.

RF Converters and Calculators

Following table provides links to useful RF converters and calculators. It include aggregate noise figure calculator, circular waveguide lowest cutoff frequency frequency calculator, dBm to dBW converter, dBm to Watt converter, Watt to dBm converter, microstrip line impedance calculator, PI attenuator resistance value calculator, Power Divider output port value calculator, rectangular waveguide cut off frequency calculator, return loss to VSWR converter, Skin depth calculator, Strip line impedance calculator, T attenuator resitances calculator, RF Exposure calculator, RF Field Strength, RF Transformer calculator, TEM wavelength calculator, waveguide breakdown power, planar resistance calculator, interdigital capacitance, spiral inductance calculator, circular and rectangular cavity resonator calculators, plane wave calculator, reflex klystron calculator, slotline calculator, magnetron, reflection coefficient, Time Domain Reflectometry length, TWT, Tunnel diode, varactor diode calculator, Directional Coupler, MDS, ppm to Hz, SFDR, MTBF, MTTF, rain absorption temperature, antenna elevation, antenna azimuth, AM-PM conversion, power unit converter, RF phase noise to jitter converter, ACPR, Cascaded PAE, RF Amplifier PAE, Twin wire line impedance calculator,ADC SINAD to ENOB and SNR to resolution converter etc.

Quartz circuit quartz formulas-Q factor,frequency
Quartz Crystal Calculator➤➤

Figure calculator
Cutoff frequency
dBm to
dBW converter
dBm to
Watt converter
Microstrip line
impedance calculator
PI Attenuator
resistance calculator
Power Divider
Rectangular waveguide cutoff frequency Return Loss to VSWR converter
Skin Depth Calculator Stripline Impedance calculator T Attenuator resistance calculator
RF Exposure(SAR) RF field strength RF Transformer
TEM Wavelength calculator waveguide breakdown power Planar resistance
Interdigital capacitance Circular Spiral inductance Rectangular Cavity Resonator
Circular Cavity Resonator Plane Wave calculator Reflex Klystron calculator
Slotline calculator Magnetron calculator Reflection coefficient calculator
TDR length calculator TWT calculator Tunnel diode calculator
varactor diode calculator Directional coupler calculator Minimum Detectable Signal
ppm to Hz converter Reflection coefficient to SWR SFDR calculator
Rain Absorption Temperature MTBF and MTTF Calculator Antenna Elevation Azimuth Calculator
AM to PM Conversion Calculator Power Unit Calculator RF Phase Noise to Jitter Converter
ACPR Calculator Cascaded IP3 Calculator RF Amplifier PAE calculator
Twin Wire Line Calculator SINAD to ENOB converter SNR to resolution of ADC
Quartz Crystal Calculator Form Factor,Crest Factor Electrical Length(Degrees vs Meters)
dBu vs mV/m conversion (Degrees, Minutes,
(Decimal Degrees)
Antenna Downtilt Angle vs Distance Calculator
Transformer KVA Op Amp Slew Rate Radar Target Gain Factor
Radar RCS Whip Antenna Microstrip Width
Microstrip Mitred Bend Embedded Microstrip Impedance Differential Microstrip Impedance

Wireless Converters and Calculators

Following table provides links to useful Wireless converters and calculators. It include antenna gain calculator, Antenna G/T ratio calculator, coaxial cable Impedance calculator, Noise temperature to Noise Figure Converter, Radar Range Calculator, resonant frequency calculator, wavelength to frequency calculator, receiver C/N ratio, RF Budget calculator, parabolic dish antenna calculator, radar PRF vs unambiguous range converter, radar range resolution calculator, antenna near field, horn antenna, microwave BPF, radio horizon calculator, Erlang and GoS, EVM, GSM ARFCN to frequency converter, LTE EARFCN to frequency converter, UMTS UARFCN to frequency converter calculator, satellite slant range, Geosynchronous satellite, Earth Station to satellite link budget, Thermal noise power and voltage calculator, antenna efficiency, Eb/N0, C/N and BER, floating to fixed point converter and viceversa, etc.

Antenna Gain calculator Antenna G/T Ratio calculator Coaxial Impedance calculator
Noise temperature to Noise Figure Converter Radar Range calculator Resonant Frequency calculator
Wavelength to Frequency converter Receiver C/N ratio RF Link Budget
Parabolic Dish Antenna Radar PRF vs Range Radar Range Resolution
Antenna Near Field Horn Antenna Microwave BPF
Radio Horizon calculator Erlang and GoS EVM(dB) to EVM(rms)
GSM ARFCN Frequency Converter LTE EARFCN Frequency Converter UMTS UARFCN Frequency Converter
Satellite Slant Range Calculator Geosynchronous satellite Earth Station to Satellite Link Budget
Thermal Noise Power Calculator Antenna Efficiency Calculator Eb/N0, C/N and BER Calculator
floating vs fixed point converter Terahertz to Hertz converter Dipole Antenna calculator
coaxial cable capacitance inductance calculator Channel Capacity Calculator Doppler Frequency calculator
Radar Blind Speed Calculator FM Channel Number vs FM Frequency conversion TV Channel Number vs TV Frequency conversion

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Position, displacement and level sensor
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