zwave camera features

Refer z-wave tutorial covering following sub topics:
z-wave network   PHY layer   MAC layer   protocol stack   security   conformance tests  

This page covers zwave camera basic features or specifications and mention zwave camera manufacturers.

The zwave camera is used for security reasons as well as for home automation. The entire video can be pushed to the smartphone or laptop to view the area in realtime. It is based on zwave wireless technology and will be IP enabled.

zwave camera typical specifications:
• 1.3 Megapixel
• WiFI enabled to connect with wifi devices
• should support video streaming
• provision to wired with ethernet network

zwave camera manufacturers/vendors

Following are the zwave camera manufacturers. It can also be purchased from Amazon and ebay websites.
• Foscam
• Nexia / Schlage
• Quirky

z-wave basic resources

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