RF Synthesizer Manufacturers/Suppliers

This page covers RF Synthesizer manufacturers which includes PLL, VCO and provide link to design rf synthesizer of your own. READ MORE on how to design rf frequency synthesizer in terminology section..

Analog Devices

Web- www.analog.com
Analog devices have Integrated rf synthesizer housing PLL and VCO chips as well as PLL and VCO chips seperately.


Web- www.herley.com
rf Frequency synthesizers for various application need such as fast switching,low phase noise, broadband,miniature etc.


Web- www.silabs.com
RF synthesizers for various applications e.g. cellular telephone,dual band wireless communication devices,wireless consumer products.


Web- www.ti.com
RF Synthesizer for various frequency bands and with different specifications need.

Z-Communications, INC.

Web- www.zcomm.com
VCO and PLL modules useful for designing rf synthesizer/radio frequency synthesizer.

Hittite Microwave Corporation

Web- www.hittite.com
RF synthesizer with integrated PLL and VCO.

Synergy Microwave Corporation

Web- www.synergymwave.com
Various models of rf synthesizers for different frequency ranges and for different phase noises are available.

Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc.

Web- www.microlambdawireless.com
Various rf/If synthesizers are available for satcom,VSAT,wideband,low phase noise, Test and Measurement requirements.


Web- https://miteq.com
RF synthesizers from MITEQ. To download catalog or search appropriate part.

National Semiconductor

Web- www.national.com
Various RF synthesizer models including budgetary quote and specifications.

Useful product vendors or manufacturers

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