RF Transceiver Manufacturers/Suppliers

The device which transmits and receives RF radio frequency is called as RF Transceiver. This page covers RF Transceiver chips/devices manufacturers for technologies such as wimax, WLAN,LTE,zigbee,VSAT,802.11ac,802.11ad, bluetooth etc.

Analog Devices

Web- www.analog.com
Also available LTE RF Transceiver, which supports 2x2 MIMO and WiMAX standard too.


Web- www.maxim-ic.com
WLAN RF Transceiver with PA frequency band 2.5 GHz from MAXIM.
Also available RF Transceiver for WiMAX.


Web- jp.fujitsu.com
Fujitsu's LTE RF Transceiver. Model-MB86L01A, supports multiple RF frequency bands.


Web- www.astri.org
Zigbee RF Transceiver. LTE transceiver is also available.


Web- am.renesas.com
RF Transceiver for GPRS and CDMA technology for mobile phone.


Web- www.hittite.com
IEEE 802.11ad or WiGig RF Transceiver.


Web- www.broadcom.com
802.11ac RF Transceiver.


Web- www.wago.us
RF transceiver for bluetooth application.

VSAT applications, C band/Ku band

Here are few of rf transceiver provider for VSAT application.

Comtech, Web- www.comtechefdata.com
Codan, Web- www.codan.com.au
Agilis, Web- www.agilissatcom.com
Anacom, Web- www.anacominc.com
Skyware, Web- www.skywareglobal.com

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