RF modulator manufacturers/designers

This page describes rf modulator basics and lists manufacturers of rf modulator for various technologies viz. WiMAX, WLAN, LTE, GSM, CDMA, HSPA, satellite, HF and more. It provides link to basic modulation techniques such as BPSK, QAM etc.

RF modulator is the device which modulates information to be transmitted over the medium on radio frequency (RF) carrier. To know more on 'what is modulation' refer our page in terminology section. RF modulator employs different modulation technique based on main requirement of wireless system viz. capacity and coverage. For example, it employs higher level modulation techniques such as QAM if the requirement is for more data rate i.e. capacity and BPSK if the requirement is for long distance i.e. coverage. RF modulator have been designed for various wireless technologies viz. WiMAX, WLAN, LTE, GSM, CDMA, HSPA, satellite, HF and so on. Often it is referred as IQ modulator.

Following section lists out popular RF modulator manufacturers.


Web- www.rfmd.com





RF Monolithics

802.15.4 Wireless Serial Data Modem (Zigbee RF modulator-demodulator)

Analog devices

Web- www.analog.com
RF modulator -demodulator up to frequency of 6GHz


Web -www.broadcom.com
BCM3349- DOCSIS single chip cable modem


Web- www.nvidia.com
Icera LTE RF modulator-demodulator, bandwidth is 10MHz, composed of ICE8061(baseband IC) and ICE8261(RF IC)

Texas Instruments

Web- www.ti.com
Single device housing ARM processor with digital baseband/RF. Covers GSM/GPRS/EDGE technologies.
Zigbee RF modulator/demodulator plus transceiver CC2420.

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