RF Filter Manufacturers/Suppliers

We will cover different types of RF filter e.g.ceramic filter, cavity filter, waveguide filter,lumped element filter, interdigital filter,coaxial filter,dielectric filter. It covers filters for various radio frequency bands.

Generic Specifications

RF Filter Frequency of operation
type (low pass,high pass, band pass , band stop)
Insertion Loss
Return Loss

Popular RF filter manufacturers are listed below.

K & L Microwave

Web- www.klmicrowave.com
Filter of various types Bandpass,low pass,high pass and notch filter.

RS Microwave Company Inc. NJ,USA

Web- www.rsmicro.com
From 1 MHz frequency to 50 GHz frequency filter of various types such as high pass,low pass,waveguide,notch filter are available.

Anatech Electronics, Inc.

Web- www.anatechelectronics.com
Rf and microwave filter from 10 kHz to 40 GHz of types bandpass,highpass,lowpass,bandstop.

spectrum microwave products by API Technologies Corp.

Web- www.spectrummicrowave.com

LORCH Microwave,part of Smiths Interconnect

Web- www.lorch.com
Tunable filter from 24 MHz to 3 GHz.

wainwright Instruments GmbH

Web- www.wainwright-filters.com

Eastern Wireless TeleComm, Inc. Salisbury, MD

Web- ewtfilters.com
Filter of various types e.g. Cavity filter(frequency till 50GHz) , Lumped element filter(frequency till 10 GHz), waveguide filter (frequency till 50 GHz) and integrated filter assemblies with switch or LNA.

Cobham plc, Dorset, BH21 2BJ, UK

Web- www.cobham.com
Filter of various types such as air cavity filter(frequency from 30MHz- 40 GHz),ceramic filter (frequency from 300 MHz up to 5 GHz), Lumped element filter (frequency from 10 MHz-2 GHz), waveguide filter(2 GHz- 40 GHz).

Networks International Corporation

Web- www.nickc.com
Manufacturer of custom RF & Microwave Filter
Cavity filter from 3 GHz to 12 GHz.
ceramic filter from 400 MHz to 6 GHz.
crystal filter up to frequency of 250 MHz.
Miniature LC filters-Bandpass,lowpass and Highpass.


Web- www.reactel.com
Discrete component filter, ceramic filter,cavity filter, interdigital filter,waveguide filter and suspended substrate rf filters.


Web- www.microwavefilter.com
RF Filters of various types for frequency from 5 Hz to 50 GHz.

RADITEK International Inc.

Web- www.raditek.com
ceramic,cavity,band pass filters.

AMTI Microwave Circuits

Web- www.diplexers.com
RF filters of various types upto 40 GHz.


Web- www.rfmicrotech.com
Dielectric filter,coaxial filter and more.

Active Spectrum, INC.

Web- www.asimicrowave.com
Available both Tunable filter and fixed frequency RF filter from 225 MHz to 6 GHz bands.


Web- www.filtro.net
RF Filters upto 1 GHz of various types ceramic,crystal,saw,tunable,LC and monolithic one.

Refer our page on step by step guide to design RF Filter or microwave filter. It covers richards transformation, kudora''s identity to achieve microstrip equivalent filter circuit.

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