Radar antenna basics

This page covers Radar antenna basics, radar antenna types and radar antenna vendors,manufacturers or suppliers.

As we know antenna is basically a source of EM waves as well as sensor of EM waves. The antenna used for operating radar is referred as radar antenna. It is designed to take care of radar operational frequencies.

The antenna size and frequency are inversely proportional to each other. Antenna converts RF electrical current into electromagnetic waves and vice versa.

Following antenna parameters are useful in order to select the radar antenna for appropriate applications:
• Antenna Impedance• Frequency• Gain• Efficiency• Bandwidth • Directivity• Effective length• Effective Area etc.
Refer Antenna Terminology➤ for more.

Radar antenna types

Following are the types of radar antenna:
• Half wave dipole
• Quarter wave dipole
• Uniform linear array antenna
• Non-uniform array antenna
• Slot antenna
• Horn antenna
• Corrugated Antenna
• Microstrip Patch Antenna
• Lens Antenna
• Reflector Antenna
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Radar antenna vendors, manufacturers, suppliers

Following are the manufacturers of radar antenna:
• Echodyne, Inc.
• Cobham plc.
• The Edson Corp.
• MALA Geoscience, Sweden (https://www.malags.com/)

Antenna Tutorial

Refer our page on antenna tutorial covers antenna functions,antenna terms,antenna types,radiation pattern, near field and far field region and testing methods.

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