Murata ceramic capacitor | Murata capacitors,inductors

Murata ceramic capacitors and inductors are used in RF circuit design. Murata ceramic capacitors offers high Q, low ESR and used for high frequency applications.

The company is no. 1 in the world for manufacturing of monolithic ceramic capacitors. Following parameters are considered for selection of right capacitor.
• capacitance value
• rated voltage
• dimension
• application

About Murata

The company is a global leader in manufacturing of components, materials and modules. Murata is global leader in providing electronic components and solutions. The murata is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.

Murata has broad range of products. It include capacitors, inductors, EMI filter, ESD protection devices, noise suppression products, resistors, thermistors, sensors, timing devices, sound related components, power devices, connectors, RFID/NFC solutions, RFICs, RF isolators, RF modules and so on.

Murata products are used in various applications which include smartphone, automotive, healthcare, mobile communication, lighting, security and safety solutions etc.

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