Millimeter wave power amplifier | e band,V band,W band manufacturers

This page mentions Millimeter wave power amplifier manufacturers or vendors in various bands e band, V band and W band. It covers e band power amplifier, V band power amplifier and W band power amplifier.

The power amplifier which operates in millimeter frequency range (i.e. 30 GHz to 300 GHz) is known as millimeter wave power amplifier. Following table mentions various millimeter wave frequency bands.

millimeter wave frequency bands

Power amplifier is used before mmwave signal transmission from antenna. It provides amplification to the signal to counter path loss. It is very essential module in millimeter wave system. It is used for wide variety of applications such as communication transceivers, radar front, power block for multiple chains etc.

Technical specifications of millimeter wave power amplifier

Following are the technical specifications of the millimeter wave power amplifier.
• Operating Frequency range
• Output Power(Psat), 1 dB compression Point
• Gain (dB)
• Gain Flatness (dB)
• Bias voltage
• Current (mA)
• Input drive level
• Maximum RF input power
• Input/Output Return Loss
• Temperature range of operation

Millimeter wave power amplifier Manufacturers or Vendors

Following table mentions list of Millimeter wave power amplifier manufacturers or vendors.

Manufacturers Description
MI-WAVE, Millimeter Wave Products, Inc. , FL 33702
• Millimeter Wave Power Amplifier for 5G technology which operates from 27 GHz to 34 GHz range.
QuinStar Technology, Inc., CA 90505 • Available from 18 to 95 GHz frequency range
Ducommun Incorporated, • High power amplifiers are available in frequency range from 18 to 96 GHz.
Farran Technolgy, Co. Cork, Ireland
• Available in various frequency ranges starting from 43 GHz up to 110 GHz.
Panda Microwave, Wuhou avenue, Chengdu • Different versions for frequency range (25.5 GHz to 46 GHz) are available.

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