Remote IP Power Switch

Remote ip power switch is used to remotely control power of any device/equipment. Mainly used in a situation where remote control of device is inevitable.

ip power switch

Figure illustrates how equipment,DUT and PC are controlled using remote PC over internet using IP Power switch. Remote PC first connects to local PC using remote control software (VNC,Tera Term,teamviewer). Now Local PC will have GUI software to control power of equipments,DUTs or any other devices connected with IP power switch. This GUI software can be controlled remotely with IP connectivity. Various configuration of ports 1,4,8,16 are available based on user need. Timer control is also available.

Remote IP Power Switch Manufacturers

Popular ip remote power switch/power strip manufacturers/suppliers are listed below.

Ambery -

OPENXTRA Limited -


Digidave Jersey Ltd. -

AVIOSYS International Inc. -


DigiPower Manufacturing Inc. Taiwan -

PI Manufacturing Corp. -

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