DSL Modem basics and manufacturers

This page covers DSL modem basics and provide manufacturers which include NetComm, Ikanos, Netgear, RAD Data Communications, Motorola Mobility ,AT & T, Zoom tepephonics, BEETEL, Asus, D-Link, Actiontec, BESTDATA etc.

Now-a-days many ISP's provide broadband data connection either to home or office. They have various plans and options available to cater to each ones need. DSL modem has become very popular to provide broadband internet connection using ADSL lines of exchange to ISP's server.

Similar to its predecessor dial-up modem DSL also does not require much expenditure; same telephone line will be used to transmit data over the analog telephone line. While internet is being used telephone service also can be used at the same time over the same telephone line connection to the home. This is possible because of small bandwidth used by voice calls from telephone set. ISP usually provides DSL modem when you apply for internet connection.

One can use router to provide connection of one DSL modem to be used by multiple PCs and wireless laptops. Following diagram explains the setup DSL modem will require to operate.

DSL modem

Diagram depicts that telephone exchange should support digital subscriber line to provide DSL broadband data connection. Slitter is used to separate out voice and data at the user premises.

DSLAM (digital subscriber line access multiplexer) is used at telephone exchange which multiplexes DSL connections of many users and transmits high bandwidth data over high speed digital channel.


Following section lists out DSL modem manufacturers or suppliers.

NetComm Wireless Limited

Ikanos Communications, Inc., www.ikanos.com

Netgear, www.netgear.com

RAD Data Communications, www.rad.com

Motorola Mobility, www.motorola.com

AT & T, www.att.com

Zoom Telephonics, www.zoomtel.com

BEETEL, www.beetel.in

Asus https://in.asus.com

Actiontec, www.actiontec.com

D-Link, www.dlink.com

BESTDATA, www.bestdata.com

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