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UV Sterilizer Manufacturers | UV Sterilizer Companies

This page mentions UV Sterilizer manufacturers or vendors. The features and benefits of UV sterilizers from various companies are also mentioned.

Introduction: We have seen recently outbreak of COVID-19 spread across the world due to corona virus. Methods followed to combat COVID-19 such as wearing of face mask, social distancing and washing of hands are not enough. There was necessity to sanitise daily use items such as phone, doorknobs, surfaces, utensils, fruits, vegetables, clothes, wallets, currency notes, keyboard, computer mouse, parcels, area where we leave and work etc. UV (Ultraviolet) light based sanitizing devices have been developed to sanitize these essential items.

What is UV Sterilizer ?

According to one research, UV sanitizer using far ultraviolet C (UVC) rays at specific wavelength can kill 99.9% of coronaviruses present in the airborne droplets. UV sanitizers are available in various shapes and sizes. They use special bulbs which emit right amount of UVC light which kills viruses and bacterias.

UV Sterilizer

UV sanitizers are required to be used with atmost care as they cause harm to skin and eye when directly exposed for longer duration. They are not developed to disinfect hands or any areas of skin. The common UV based sanitizer products include UV sanitizing bag, sanitizing box, portable UV lamp, UV phone box, UV movable robot etc.

Benefits or advantages of UV Sterilizer

Following are the benefits or advantages of UV Sterilizer.
➨No chemicals used in its construction. Hence it is safe to use and environment friendly.
➨It disinfects very effectively compare to traditional methods.
➨UV disinfection prevents growth of fungi as it is dry method.
➨UV sanitizer disinfects things or areas in very less time (i.e. few seconds or minutes). Disinfection depends on their penetration as per UV light strength.
➨UV sanitizers are available at cheaper cost.

UV Sterilizer manufacturers or vendors

Following table mentions popular UV Sterilizer manufacturers or vendors.

UV Sterilizer Manufacturers Description
IFI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore INDIA • UVC Light Wand Sterilizer Product : UV light sanitizers for masks, mobile phones, currency, laptops, travel work etc.
• Features : Kills 99.99% of microorganisms as claimed by company, long lasting Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
• Specifications : material : ABS, disinfection time : 10 sec, operating wavelength : 260-280 nm etc.
• Other products : UVC lamp, UV car cleaner, solar wall lights etc.
Germiscan.in • Products : UV-C based handheld sterilizer (developed by OPTOL), UV-C based air disinfection system
• Features: Inbuilt sensor, safety awitch to avoid skin contact, portable, battery charging like phone which gives 3 Hrs of backup etc.
• Email : info@optoltech.com, Mobile : +919004721607
ULVIO UV disinfection lamp available on amazon and flipkart • Features : 99 to 99.9% disinfection, Auto stop time control, easy to use, portable
Life of RileyTM UV Disinfection Sanitizer Light Lamp (available on amazon and flipkart) • Features : 360 degree wide UV light, wavelength of 185 nm with ozone, remote control operated device etc.
UV Sanitizer USA • UV sanitizer wand for all your need
• Applications : phone, PC, sofa, desk, car, door knob, toilet etc. to be used to clean any surface and object.
• Website : https://uvsanitizerusa.com/

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