List of top SD-WAN Vendors | SD-WAN Service Providers

This page mentions list of top SD-WAN Vendors and SD-WAN Service Providers. Top SD-WAN service providers or vendors include Cisco, Cato Networks, Barracuda Networks, Bigleaf Networks, Aryaka and so on.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN separates functionality of networking devices into control plane and data plane. As we know control plane is responsible for signaling traffic and routing decisions where as data plane carriers application and user data. Unlike traditional WAN devices where each instance of data plane contains its own control plane, in SD-WAN one logical instance of control plane serves multiple instances of data plane (typically switches, routers). This separation makes programming and controlling of all the transport mediums easier.


• SD-WAN is a technology which distributes traffic between branch offices and data center sites via most appropriate transport mediums using software defined networking SDN) concepts. Hence SD-WAN is considered to be transport-agnostic.
• It uses centralized control plane based architecture. Control plane takes care of larger and diverse set of data plane components.
• It uses standard Open Flow Protocol. It enables the communication between control plane and various data plane components. The company by name Viptela has developed OMP protocol specifically developed for SD-WAN system. Viptela has been acquired by Cisco. OMP stands for Overlay Management Protocol. Hence protocols such as OSPF, BGP etc. are not required in SD-WAN system.
• It delivers transport independent, secure and reliable network.
• Also refer difference between SD-WAN vs Traditional WAN >> and benefits of SD-WAN >> for more information.

List of top SD-WAN Vendors or SD-WAN service providers

Following table mentions list of top SD-WAN vendors or SD-WAN service providers.

SD-WAN Vendors Description
128 Technology The company makes routing software which runs on x86, ARM platforms. The 128T made routers communicate with peer routers for enhanced forwarding capabilities. They also communicate with non-128T routers using standard routing protocols such as BGP and OSPF. A 128T network creates dynamic, session-oriented service fabric with number of use cases including SD-WAN. In SD-WAN scenario, paths are engineered to forward specific traffic classes over specific links or over links with specific latency, jitter and path loss characteristics in real-time.
VeloCloud, now part of VMware The company offers award winning SD-WAN solution by name "VeloCloud". The solution simplifies WAN and makes it more cost effective. It also gives you following benefits:
• Full visibility & control into your WAN performance and applications. • Simple to deploy & manage your branch - eliminate truck roll and complex configuration through automation and zero touch. • Reduce dependency on expensive MPLS - using affordable Internet link, provide performance & reliability to access your critical enterprise apps both in the cloud and data center.
Adaptive Networks (Formerly known as TELoIP) The company makes hardware and software in order to form virtual network overlay across the public internet. Adaptive network core is managed and encrypted but it is not private WAN as it runs over public internet.
Aryaka The company offers SD-WAN globally. It is used by 500+ enterprises to replace their legacy MPLS based network into SD-WAN.
Cato Networks The company offers their own cloud based WAN backbone. It provides branch device which allows subscribers use multiple transmission links such as broadband, 4G LTE, MPLS etc. It offers application based policy options in order to direct traffic over specific links. The company also offers cloud-based security services such as firewall, malware detection software etc.
Cisco and Viptela (acquired by Cisco) Cisco products for SD-WAN include Meraki's SD-WAN solution, Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN etc. Viptela SD-WAN components are vSmart Controller, vManage, vEdge Routers and vBond Orchestrator.
SilverPeak • SD-WAN product called Unity, including the Unity Edge appliance that can terminate WAN circuits.
• It also offers "Unity Boost" which adds WAN optimization capability to the SD-WAN platform.
Barracuda Networks Barracuda combines SD-WAN connectivity and advanced security into single product which can be deployed on-premises as a physical or virtual appliance or in the cloud. SD-WAN solution from Barracuda Networks include router, WAN optimization, threat protection, firewall, centralized management and cloud integration.
Bigleaf Networks, Inc. The company offers Cloud-first SD-WAN for your Cloud-enabled business. Its site to cloud architecture provides VOIP protection, VPN enhancement, plug-n-play install, SaaS performance, SLA-backed etc.
Mushroom Networks Inc Mushroom's SD-WAN technology has an application centric technology at the core.

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