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This page mentions SAW filter manufacturers or RF SAW filter vendors. The popular manufacturers of SAW filter are TAI-SAW, Qualcomm, API, Golledge Electronics, Oscilent, Amplitronix LLC, Vectron, Filtronetics, Microsaw, SAWTRON etc.

What is SAW Filter ?

The SAW device which does filtering operation is known as SAW filter. Usually SAW filters operate from 600 MHz to 2 GHz frequency range in mobile environment. Based on IF (Intermediate Frequency) and RF (Radio Frequency) filtering, there are two types viz. IF SAW filter and RF SAW filter. SAW is the short form of Surface Acoustic Wave. There are various types of SAW filter based on construction viz. IIDT, DMS and ladder. Refer RF SAW filter basics>> for more information.

Ladder SAW filter

Following are the technical specifications of SAW filter to be considered while buying one for your need.
• RF filter or IF filter
• RF Center frequency
• Bandwidth
• Pass Band Ripple (dB)
• Power handling capability
• Insertion Loss in pass band(dB)
• packege type and dimension

The SAW filter has following advantages or benefits:
• It allows electro-acoustic coupling via the transducer.
• It's velocity is 105 times less than EM wave(Electromagnetic wave).
This is the major difference between SAW and EM waves. Due to this, SAW filters are used where EM wave based filter designs are impractical to be developed.
• SAW filters are cheaper compare to BAW (Bulk Acoustic Wave) filters.
• SAW filters are easy in fabrication due to easy access to their structure from the above surface of the filter.

SAW Filter Manufacturers

Following table lists RF SAW filter Manufacturers or vendors with part numbers and technical features.

RF SAW filter Manufacturers Description
TAI-SAW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. IF SAW filters and RF SAW filters are available for various applications including GPS, LTE, remote control, pager and other wireless communications.
Overseas E-mail :
Qualcomm Part number: B39781B7940P810
Qualcomm has collaborated with TDK corporation to develop SAW technology based devices. Website:
E-mail :
Golledge Electronics GSIF series (IF SAW filters from 30 MHz to 1 GHz)
GSRF series (RF SAW filters from 100 MHz to 2.7 GHz)
E-mail :
API Technologies There are different types of SAW filters in frequency range from 20MHz to 2600MHz.
Oscilent IF SAW filter and RF SAW filter and other frequency control devices are manufactured at production facility. They are used in radio and wireless equipments and multimedia devices.
E-mail :
Amplitronix LLC IF and RF SAW filters
E-mail :
Vectron International SAW based IF, RF, Multi-Band Filter Solutions for frequency range from 30 MHz to 2.7 GHz are available.
E-mail :
Filtronetics, Inc. RF/IF filters from 21.4MHz to 2GHz frequency range.
E-mail :
Microsaw website:
E-mail :
SAWTRON The company undertakes custom IF/RF SAW filter development work as per requirements.
Website :

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