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What is a RF scanner:
The RF device which scans the radio frequencies and automatically tune to the desired frequency is known as RF scanner. It is similar to barcode scanner used in warehousing but uses radio frequency for its operation. RF scanners are not limited to one particular wireless technology. They are available to scan radio frequencies of various wireless devices such as RFID, NFC, GSM, LTE and so on.

RFID technology uses this concept in the form of RFID tags and RFID readers. The device RFID reader is same as RF scanner which scans the information embedded in the RFID tags. The RFID tags are of two main types passive and active. The figure-1 depicts typical RFID network used for people management. NFC is the another technology similar to RFID which also uses NFC tags and NFC readers for its operation.

RFID Network

The figure-1 depicts simple RFID network. Refer RFID tutorial and NFC tag vs reader basics>> for more information.

RF scanner manufacturers

Following table lists popular manufacturers or vendors of RF scanner.

RF scanner Manufacturers Description
RF BARCODE SYSTEMS Website: www.rfbs.com.au/
Phone: 1300 136 419
International: +61 7 3420 4803
Email: info@rfbs.com.au
FW Warehousing
Website: https://www.fwwarehousing.com
Email: FWWinquiries@FWresults.com
Phone: (877) 917-2160
Bastian Solutions, Inc.
Website: https://www.bastiansolutions.com/
Phone : 888-725-3194
Codeworks, LLC
Website: https://www.ctcodeworks.com/
Email: Info@CTCodeworks.com
Phone: 614-389-0692
BCP House, England, UK
Website: https://www.bcpsoftware.com/
Email: info@bcpsoftware.com
Phone: +44 (0)161 355 3000
Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd. UHF RFID Reader
Website: https://www.tsl.com/
Phone: +44 1509 238248
SERIALIO RFID, NFC, Barcode readers and writers
Website: https://serialio.com
Phone: (512) 948-3544
Zebra UHF and RFID readers
Website: https://www.zebra.com/
Inside US: +1 800 653 5350
Outside US: +011 469 565 1939


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