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This page mentions RF schottky diode manufacturers or RF schottky diode vendors. The popular manufacturers of RF schottky diode are ON Semiconductor, NXP semiconductor, ROHM Semiconductor, MACOM, M-Pulse Microwave etc.

What is RF schottky diode ?

The figure-1 depicts schottky diode structure and its equivalent circuit. As shown it is formed by using metal semiconductor junctions at both the ends. Metals such as chromium, tungsten aluminium, platinum, gold etc. are used it its construction. It uses N-type silicon as semiconductor material.

The schottky diode is constructed on a thin silicon(n+ type) substrate by growing epitaxially on n-type active layer of about 2 micron thickness. Metal semiconductor junction is formed by depositing metal over SiO2.

schottky diode and equivalent circuit

The circuit symbol of schottky diode is shown in following figure-2.

schottky diode symbol

The following figure-3 depicts characteristic of schottky diode. As shown V-I curve is steeper compare to traditional p-n junction diode. From curve, we can conclude that schottky diodes exhibits square law characteristic.

schottky diode characteristic

Following parameters are considered for selection of schottky diode for your need.
• Peak Reverse Voltage
• Forward Voltage
• Current Surge Peak
• Reverse leakage current
• Capacitance
• Recovery Time
• Working temperature
• Package Type

RF schottky diode Manufacturers

Following table mentions RF schottky diode manufacturers with part numbers and technical features.

RF schottky diode Manufacturers Description
ON Semiconductor • Part numbers : NSR15SDW1T1, NSR15SDW1T2
• They are designed for analog/digital applications viz. mixing, DC based signal detection.
• Major features are low capacitance, low VF, low V etc.
• Refer following website for more schottky diodes.
• Website : onsemi.com
NXP semiconductor • Part numbers : PMEG6045ETP, 1PS70SB84
• Refer datasheets on NXP company website for their technical specifications, package types and dimensions.
• Website : nxp.com
ROHM Semiconductor • Part Number : RB876WTL
• Major features are ultla small mold type, low capacitance and high efficient radio detection
• Refer data sheet at website : rohm.com for more technical specifications.
MACOM USA • Model : MA4E1338 series
• Applications : Mixer, Detector and Limiter circuits
• Features : 8 V Schottky Diode, RoHS Compliant, operating frequency from DC to 6 GHz
• Configurations available are single diode, series pair, unconnected pair
• Refer Website macom.com for more part numbers.
M-Pulse Microwave • Part number : MP2052
• Features : Supports frequencies up to 18 MHz, 1V peak reverse voltage, 3mA forward current and so on.
• Refer website mpulsemw.com for more part numbers.

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