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Orthomode Transducer Manufacturers | OMT vendors

This page mentions Orthomode Transducer Manufacturers or OMT vendors. The list include features of popular Orthomode Transducer manufacturers or OMT i.e. Orthomode Transducer vendors in table format for various frequency bands.

Introduction: The Ordthomode transducer is a 3-port device which converts circular polarized signal into Horizontal/Vetical polarized signal and vice versa. It is connected to horn feed at one port for transmission and reception of the EM waves using RF antenna. The other two ports are connected to rectangular waveguides for coupling with transmitter and receiver parts of the system. The figure depicts one such C band OMT used in VSAT terminal of a satellite system. It can be used for 4 GHz Rx bands and 6 GHz Tx bands. C band covers frequency range from 3.7 GHz to 4.2 GHz during reception and from 5.925 GHz to 6.425 GHz during transmission of EM radio signals.

OMT - Orthomode Transducer

This RF device has been developed for various frequency bands viz. C band, Ku band, K band, Ka band and X band based on applications. There are Orthomode transducers for multiple bands such as C/Ku band used for C band and Ku band terminals. Following are the functions of an Orthomode Transducer :
• Separation of signals of different polarities.
• Offers isolation needed for circular polarization.
• It allows frequency re-use at different polarizations and hence increases the satellite capacity.

Following specifications are considered while selecting OMT for use in your system.
• Frequency band of use (i.e. Tx/Rx)
• Waveguide interface at the three ports i.e. circular WG and Rectangular WG (WR-229/WR-137 etc.)
• Return loss at the three ports
• Insertion loss from Tx port to Antenna port and Rx port to Antenna port
• Isolation between ports i.e. between Tx-Rx ports of same polarization etc.
• Weight and Size

Orthomode Transducer Manufacturers | Orthomode Transducer Vendors

Following table lists manufacturers or vendors of Orthomode Transducer. The OMTs can be used with dual polarized antennas and for polarization diplexing applications.

OMT Manufacturers Description
CPI International Inc.
Website : https://www.cpii.com/
Email : econco-sales@cpii.com , MPPmarketing@cpii.com
OMT for various frequency bands are manufactured by CPI which include C, Ku, K, Ka and X bands. Visit website for more information as per desired specifications.
QuinStar Technology, Inc. USA
Website : https://quinstar.com/
Email : sales@quinstar.com
Phone : +1 310.320.1111
Quinstar manufactures OMT for various bands which include K, Ka, Q, U, E and W band. Write to them as per order information for desired specifications. One need to specify desired band and circular waveguide diameter in mils.
Quantum Microwave, USA
Website : https://quantummicrowave.com/
Email : Sales@QuantumMicrowave.com
US corporate office Phone : 857-499-0071
OMT from 71 GHz to 86 GHz with good insertion loss and better isolation is available for various waveguide sizes WR12, WG26 and R740.
Pasquali Microwave Systems, Florence , Italy
Website : https://www.pasquali-microwavesystems.com/
Email : info@pasquali-ms.it
Phone : (+39) 055 710516
The company manufactures Orthomode transducers in wide range of frequencies up to 100 GHz.
Flann Microwave Ltd.
Website : https://flann.com/
Email : sales@flann.com
Phone : +44(0)1208 77777
OMT models up to 140 GHz with isolation greater than 50 dB are available.

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