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This page covers Millimeter Wave Mixer manufacturers or vendors. It mentions basics of millimeter wave mixers along with specifications. The popular manufacturers of mm wave mixer are also mentioned.

Millimeter wave frequency ranges from 30 GHz to 300 GHz. The RF mixers which work in millimeter wave frequency range are known as millimeter wave mixers. The mixers usually will have three ports viz. LO, RF and IF. The mm wave mixer of waveguide types are available with LO/RF frequency in the range from 26.5 to 110 GHz and IF frequency in the range from DC to 18 GHz.

Following are the specifications one need to consider before selecting the Millimeter wave mixer for use. • Frequency range at IF, LO and RF ports
• LO power level
• Conversion Loss
• Isolation between ports
• 1dB compression point
• third order intercept point
• VSWR or return loss
• Image rejection
• Waveguide Interface type

RF Mixer Spectral components

Spectral components of the RF mixer are mentioned in the figure-1.
As shown it produces +/-m(Input1)+/-n(Input2) where in Input1 and Input2 are input frequencies.
m and n range from 0,1,2,3,..and so on.
Figure-1 mentions upto third harmonics of inputs.

Up Down conversion using RF mixer

The figure-2 mentions up conversion and down conversion process. The up conversion converts lower IF frequency to higher RF frequency where as down conversion converts higher RF frequency to lower IF frequency. This is done either using single RF mixer or double RF mixers which is known as homodyne and heterodyne respectively. Refer article on using millimeter wave mixer in the design of up converter and down converter >>.

Millimeter wave mixer manufacturers

Following table mentions Millimeter wave mixer manufacturers or vendors.

Manufacturers Description
Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.
The company develops RF mixers which operates in the range from 2 GHz to 18 GHz with IF output in the range from DC to 8 GHz.
Marki Microwave, Inc.
• M9 mixer series from Marki offers excellent performance in mm wave range.
• It is used for T&M applications, down conversion, spectrum monitoring and so on.
• It uses RF/LO in the range from 9 to 42 GHz and IF in the range from 1 to 22 GHz.
MI-Wave, Millimeter wave products Inc.
The company manufactures mm wave mixers of different types viz. harmonic, I/Q, wideband etc. in various ranges up to 110/140 GHz.
Spacek Labs Inc., California USA
The company develops mixer preamplifiers, down converters and up converters.
Farran Technology, Ireland
The company manufactures balanced mixers, sub-harmonic mixers and so on.
Analog Devices Inc.
The company develops RF, microwave and millimeter wave mixers up to 90 GHz.

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