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This page mentions list of Memristor manufacturers or vendors.The popular manufacturers of Memristor include Knowm Inc., Micron Technology, Rambus, SK hynix Inc., SanDisk, HP etc.

Introduction: We know three basic circuit elements viz. resistor, capacitor and inductor. All these circuit elements provide relationship between any two of the four fundamental circuit variables which are current (i), voltage (v), charge (q) and flux (Φ). Resistor relates 'voltage and current', capacitor relates 'voltage and charge' and inductor relates 'current and flux'. The forth element which is called memristor provide relationship between charge and 'magnetic flux'. Memristor has been derived from "memory resistor". It is a passive device with two terminals in which magnetic flux is related to amount of electric charge passed through it.

memristor a circuit element

Typical memristor consists of three layers in its structure which are metal-insulator-metal. Top and bottom contacts are in metal form. Insulator lies between top and bottom contacts which are usually made of resistive switching material such as transition metal oxides which include Al2O3, TiO2, NiO, TiOx, TaOx, CuOx, ZnO, ZnO2 etc. Platinum (Pt) and Silver (Ag) meet technical requirements to be used as top electrodes. Indium thin oxide (ITO) is used as bottom electrode. There are different materials used in various memristor implementations.

Memristor is widely used in various analog and digital circuit implementations. Few of the applications of memristor include memristor based image encryption, memristor based Op-amp, memristor based crossbar structures, Memristor based oscillators, flexible non-volatile memristor etc.

Memristor Manufacturers

Following table mentions popular manufacturers of Memristor.

Manufacturers Description
Knowm Inc. Develops SDC (Self Directed Channel) memristor Ion-conducting devices which uses chalcogenide glass and Ag or Cu metals. The company has produced memristor crossbars along with resistance programming.
Micron Technology, Inc. The company has acquired Elpida Memory to enter into business of ReRAM and other memory products.
Rambus Incorporated The company is one among the key players in Ionic Film Memristor market.
SK hynix Inc. and HP They are working together to develop ReRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory) memristor designs.
SanDisk and HP Both the companies are working to bring memristor technology to the market.

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