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This page mentions top M2M companies which includes M2M companies in INDIA. It provides link to useful M2M(Machine to Machine) resources. It provides link to useful M2M (Machine to Machine) resources. M2M market in conjuntion with IoT(Internet of Things) is growing across the globe. In India government is providing space for M2M and IoT based products. Due to this many Indian companies are working in M2M and IoT domain. It has booming market in INDIA. Refer IoT companies in INDIA.

M2M Company Description Web Address
Wireless Logic, UK M2M Platform solution provider of Europe
3G Cellabs Pvt. Ltd M2M point solution provider, automotive,energy and utilities
7Layers specialist in Bluetooth, NFC, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, LTE
Signals and Systems Telecom M2M services
Aeris Communications M2M services
Proxicast M2M wireless products
Alcatel Lucent M2M communications
Anite Telecom end to end M2M solution provider
AnyBridge M2M cloud platform and point solution provider
Arkessa provider of M2M of IoT platforms
AT & T Inc. 4G LTE, Uverse, TV, Home phone
Atmel components, modules, devices and gateways
KORE telematics GSM, CDMA wireless network based service
M2M Data Corp gas, water, power
USAT Corp M2M solutions for all the product industries
iWOW connections Pvt. Ltd, Singapore gsm, gprs, umts, hspa, M2M
Jasper wireless,USA M2M
RF Monolithics, Murata company leader in M2M wireless communications
Honeywell M2M Solutions
SingTel Communications M2M SIM
Sierra Wireless Machine to machine devices and cloud services

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