Vendors of M2M IoT Products

This page mentions vendors of M2M IoT products. It also mentions M2M IoT basic resources.

The basic purpose of IoT and M2M is the same which is machine to machine communication as well as enabling machines to communicate using internet highway. IoT means Internet of Things. This technology makes devices intelligent enough so that they can act as internet enabled devices. To have success in this technology all the wireless compliant devices based on WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM, LTE standards must support M2M/IoT protocol stacks. This also helps in long run for interoperability between devices from different manufacturers based on different technologies.

Following table mentions some of the popular M2M IoT products from leading manufacturers/vendors.

Company M2M IoT Solution Description
Texas Instuments(TI) CC3100 wireless network processor based on WiFi This internet on a chip supports web server and TCP/IP stack;
Supports any bit MCU over UART/SPI interface with driver
TI CC3200 IoT chipset This wireless MCU houses ARM Cortex M4 device which runs at 80MHz;
peripherals supported are camera, I2S, I2C, SD/MMC, UART, SPI, 4-channel ADC;
Houses embedded TLS/SSL and TCP/IP stacks, HTTP server
Redpine Signals Lite-Fi RS9110 IoT chipset Supports 1 antenna along with 802.11n and STBC feature ;
Host interfaces such as SDIO, SPI, EBI, I2C, SPI, GPIO, UART are supported;
Supports encryption engines WEP, TKIP, AES on hardware
Redpine Signals M2M Combo RS9113 Supports TCP/IP stack; supports host interfaces such as USB2.0, SDIO, SPI, UART; supports WLAN 11n, Bluetooth 4.0, Zigbee on a single chip
Sequans Communication Colibiri LTE platform IoT chip This Chip is ideal for adding LTE functionality to M2M IoT devices;
Supports FDD and TDD; supports LTE channel having bandwidth of 20MHz;
Supports Voice Over LTE;
location based services;
supports Linux, Windows, Android, MAC Operating Systems
Gemalto Cinterion board used for M2M based design solutions;
This kit has EHS6 Java module;
Can be interfaced with Arduino sensor boards;
M2M module provides 2G/3G cellular interface

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