IrDA Transceiver Selection Guide | IrDA Transceiver Manufacturers

The page describes IrDA Transceiver Selection Guide including popular IrDA Transceiver manufacturers. This guide helps in selecting appropriate IrDA transceiver from multiple Manufacturers.

What is IrDA Transceiver?

The Transceiver which uses IrDA protocol and light as medium of communication is known as IrDA Transceiver. The figure-1 depicts normal wired communication using RS232 and wireless communication using IrDA transceiver from Microchip device MCP21xx.

Wireless configuration using IrDA Transceiver

IR stands for Infrared which uses frequency in the range from 300 GHz to 400 THz with wavelength range from 1 mm to 750 nm. The IR based devices are used to establish communication between PDAs, laptops, mobile phones and computers. It covers coverage distance of about 10 to 30 meters.

Infrared communication modes

There are two communication modes supported by IR devices viz. point to point and diffuse. In Point to Point mode, both transmitter and receiver should be in LOS (Line of Sight) where as in diffuse mode transmitter and receiver should not be neccessary in LOS.
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IrDA Transceiver Selection Guide

Following specifications are considered while selecting IrDA Transceiver for desired application.
• Data rate: 115.2 Kbps, 1.152 Mbps, 4 Mbps, 16 Mbps
• Voltage Supply (1.7V to 2.5V etc.)
• Idle current at 25o
• Link Range or maximum communication distance(cm)
• Peak Wavelength (nm)
• Radiant Intensity mWatt/Sr
• Orientation: Side View, Top View, Universal
• Operating Temperature
• Standards supported (IrDA 1.2 or IrDA 1.3 or IrDA 1.4 etc.)
• Package Type: Cut Tape, Digi-Reel™, Tape & Reel, Tube

IrDA Transceiver Manufacturers

Following table lists out popular IrDA Transceiver manufacturers.

IrDA Transceiver Manufacturers
Sharp Microelectronics
Rohm Semiconductor
Panasonic Electronic Components
Lite-On Inc.
Texas Instruments
Linear Technology
Cypress Semiconductor
Maxim Integrated
Cirrus Logic

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