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EnOcean Device Manufacturers | Switches, sensors, gateway, transceivers, kits, harvesters

This page covers EnOcean device manufacturers or vendors. The EnOcean manufactures various products which include switches, sensors, gateway, kit accessories, Transceivers, energy harvesters, actuators and controllers.

Introduction: EnOcean is self powered energy harvesting wireless technology. It uses sub 1 GHz frequency bands for its operation. EnOcean devices have been developed which run at 2.4 GHz frequencies for IoT applications.

The common enOcean devices include switches, actuators and controllers, sensors, gateway and other enOcean accessories. At the time of writing, about 200 compatible EnOcean devices have been developed by 50 manufacturers. To have successful interoperability among devices, protocols are well defined and integrated in modules, sensor profiles are implemented and unique transmission ID (32 bits) have been assigned.

List of EnOcean Devices

Following table mentions list of EnOcean devices manufactured by EnOcean with part numbers in different frequency bands viz. 868 MHz, 902 MHz and 928 MHz.

Frequency Bands EnOcean Devices with part numbers
868 MHz • Wireless switch : Product PTM 202 is a toggle switch transmitter module. It is powered by electro-dynamic generator.
• Wireless IoT Multisensor-EMSIA which supports temperature, humidity, illumination, acceleration / orientation.
• Gateway controller firmware used to communicate with EnOcean network. It can be used on 868 MHz, 315 MHz and 902 MHz. It can transmit and receive telegrams at these frequencies.
• Wireless Transceivers: TCM 300/310/320, TCM 515,
• Kits and Accessories: HSM 100, TCM 310, TCM 515,
• Energy harvester: ECS 300 solar cell, ECT310 thermal based energy harvester, ECO 200 Motion based energy harvester
902 MHz • EnOcean switch and sensor module : PTM 210U is a Push button multi-channel switch module which operates at 902 MHz.
• Energy harvester : ECT 310 Perpetuum operates on 902 MHz. It is ultra low power DC/DC converter for thermal energy harvester.
• Wireless Transceiver modules: TCM 310U, TCM 320U and TCM 515U
• Kits and Accessories: TCM 515U
928 MHz • Wireless switch and sensor module (Push button multi-channel switch module) : PTM 210J, PTM 215J etc.
• Multisensor module : STM 550J with NFC interface, supports measurements of humidity, temperature, illumination, acceleration / orientation.

➨Visit EnOcean website for technical specifications and datasheets of all the EnOcean products which are marketed under the brands as "EnOcean" and "Easyfit". The manufacturer of wireless switches are Osram, Ad Hoc, Zumtobel, Echoflex, Bticino or Peha. Thermostat manufacturers are Thermokon, Omnio or Stuhl. Wireless receiver manufacturers are ABB, Siemens, Distech, Wago, Wieland, Beckhoff or Phoenix. About 2.5 Lakh EnOcean devices have already been installed in thousands of buildings across the world.

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• Visit www.enocean.com for everything you would like to know about EnOcean technology from inventor and pioneer of this energy harvesting wireless technology.
• EnOcean Alliance

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