What is ESD tools | manufacturers of ESD tools in INDIA

This page on ESD tools mentions ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) safety tools and manufacturers of ESD tools which include anti static wrist band, ESD mats, ESD meters, Anti Static Brush etc. It mentions list of ESD tools manufacturers in INDIA.

As we know it is very difficult to work with electronic components due to damage by ESD (Electrostatic Discharge). In order to control ESD and to create safe working environment ESD tools are needed.

Refer ESD basics and tester covers ESD classes, ESD sources and ESD tester equipments manufacturers.

What is ESD tools

ESD materials are of three types viz. anti static, conductive and dissipative. Usually ESD tools are made of electro-statically discharging (i.e. dissipative) handles. This has surface resistance of about 106 to 109 Ohms. This will help in soft discharging in predefined time period. Hence sensitive components are prevented from getting damaged with this ESD safe hand tools. Most of the ESD safe hand tools are made using carbon steel or stainless steel.

ESD meter

Some of the ESD tools are described below.

ESD meter: The figure mentions ESD meter from RS Components Ltd. It is most common equipment to detect presence and magnitude of static charges. Now-a-days the ESD meters are digital, battery operated and handheld type. It comes with rotating knob. ESD meters will help to detect and measure electro-static fields, potential as well as discharge times.

Surface Resistivity Meter: This meters are used for point to point resistance as well as resistance to ground measurements. It helps in measurement of resistance of persons too. This surface resistivity meters work as per EOS/ESD association of standards S-4.1, IEC 61340-4-1 Ed. 2.0 and IEC 61340-2-3 etc. These meters help in examination of resistance characteristics of various materials, surfaces, mats and bags.

Anti Static Brush: It is a anti static tool. Brushes are used to clean and manufacture products which will not create any static charges.

Anti Static Wristband: This ESD wristbands allow engineers and technicians to work without any concern of sensitive electronic components being damaged by static electricity. They are fitted around the wrist. They usually dissipate harmful charges to the ground. The wrist straps come with and without cords.

ionisers: They are used by SMD and electronic manufacturers and by PCB industries. Ionisers are used along with ESD mats, wrist straps etc. They are used to remove static charges from the surfaces.

ESD tools manufacturers in INDIA

There are various ESD safety tools. The typical tools include ESD meter or electrostatic field meter, ionisers, surface resistivity meter, anti static mat, anti static wristband, anti static bags, anti static pad, anti static brush, anti static tape etc. The other ESD tools are ESD safe flooring, ESD-safe workbenches and tables, ESD-safe chairs, ESD-safe trolleys for movement of materials, ESD-safe storage racks, workstation accessories such as ESD magnifiers, tools and fixtures, tools for personnel grounding, ESD-safe packaging, Wrist-strap and footwear testers, electrostatic alarms, ESD-safe smoke absorbers, wall stations, ESD badges/holders, ESD adjustable wrist straps, anti-static heel straps, grounding cords and jacks, anti static tweezers, storage, slippers, anti static shoes, ESD covers, anti static gloves, anti static finger coats, ESD PCB rackes and material handling product and ESD-testing instruments such as wrist-straps footwear testers, slippers etc. Following table list out ESD tools manufacturers in INDIA.

ESD tools Manufacturer
Advance Tech Services Pvt Ltd
Blossom Solutions
Blue Sky System Pvt Ltd
Cit-Q-Tech Tako technologies
Electronic Control Components and Devices
Inde Enterprises
Kinetic Polymers
PCBA Tools
Sharang Corp.
Static Systems Pvt Ltd
Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd

ESD tools manufacturers in USA

Following table list out manufacturers of ESD tools in USA.

Vendor or Manufacturer
RS Components Ltd.
Prostat Corporation
Transforming Technologies, LLC
Wiha (https://www.wihatools.com/)

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