Best E-Liquid manufacturers | E-Liquid (E-Juice) advantages, features

This page covers E-Liquid basics, best E-Liquid manufacturers with features and benefits or advantages of E-Liquid or E-Juice.

What is E-Liquid or E-Juice?

• It is used in E-Cigarettes or Electronic Cigarettes as main ingredient.
• It contains water, glycerin, propylene glycol, flavor substances etc. Nicotine may or may not be used in E-liquid. Glycerin and propylene glycol contains about 95% of total ingredients.
• Industry standards for E-cigarettes and e-liquids are published by AEMSA.
• FDA evaluates many issues which include ingredients used, health risks involved, features of the products, restriction to minors etc.
• E-liquids have low level of toxicity. But it contaminates with different chemicals.
• Common E-liquid or E-juice flavors include tobacco, menthol, coffee, fruits, chocolate, spices, candy etc.

Ingredients of E-Liquid or E-Juice for E-Cigarette

The figure-1 depicts common ingredients used in the manufacturing of E-liquids.

Best E-Liquid Manufacturers

E-liquids are manufactured in USA and other parts of the world. Following table mentions E-Liquid from popular manufacturers around the world.

Manufacturers Description
Dynamic Creations, USA • It is one of the premium E-liquid manufacturers in USA.
• It handles massive order capabilities.
• It is ISO-7 and GMP certified.
Molecule Labs, Inc. CA, USA • The company is AEMSA certified member.
• It is ISO-7 certified and GMP compliant.
• The company has about 106 bottles/month e-liquid manufacturing capabilities.
Eclipse Liquids, LLC, California • It provides private label wholesale e-liquids.
• The company has FDA and AEMSA certified clean room environment.
• They have 3 fully automated production lines.
VaporDNA • There are various brands of e-liquids being sold by the company.
• It includes Shaka Yami Vapor, Milkman Salts, Burst etc.
VMR Products LLC • The company sells many flavors of E-Juice which include tobacco, Menthol, Fruit, Specialty with dry fruits etc.
• The popular E-liquid brands include V2 Platinum, Black Note, Cosmic Fog, Vape Bartender, Carlie's Chalk Dust, Ripe Vapes etc.

Advantages of E-Liquid or E-Juice

Following are the benefits or advantages of E-Liquid or E-Juice.
➨Use of e-liquids in e-cigarettes help to avoid bad effects of tobacco used in traditional cigarettes.
➨It makes e-cigarettes much cheaper compare to normal cigarettes.
➨E-cigarettes can be used anywhere including public places unlike cigarettes.
➨It does not contain tobacco.
➨Other benefits include No odors, no tar, no second hand smoke etc.

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