10-12 Data Analytics companies in USA | United States of America

This page mentions 10-12 data analytics companies in USA (United States of America). It covers top data analytics companies in United States (USA).

Company Description Website Link
1010data • New York, USA
• Company has products in wide range including Data Acquisition and Data Management, Analysis and Modeling, Reporting and Visualization, Application Development, Data Sharing and Monetization.
Alpine Data Labs • San Francisco, CA, USA
• Provide solutions for enterprise data science. Supports wide variety of data platforms viz. cloudera, MAPR, Hortonworks, Pivotal, Oracle, Teradata, HP, Vertica, Amazon Web Services etc.
Alpine Data Labs
Alteryx • Headquartered in CA, USA.
• The company provides free 14 day trial of Alteryx Designer. They have other solutions also.
Attivio • Located at Grove Street Newton, MA.
• Leader in cognitive search & insight.
Ayasdi • Located at NY, CA and London cities of the world.
• They have many solutions such as anti-money laundering, regulatory risk, clinical variation management etc.
Birst • San Francisco, CA, USA
• Provides analytic solutions for various business scenarios e.g. sales, marketing, supply chain, operations, finance, enterprise, data discovery, big datam legacy, embedded analytics etc.
Chartio • SF, CA 94108
•  Data Exploration product with many features to explore data, transform data and to visualize data
Cirro • Irvine, California, USA

ClearStory Data • customer analysis, market data analysis, operational analysis, sales analysis solutions for various industries viz. retail, healthcare, food, manufacturing, media, finance, pharma etc.

ClearStory Data
Anaconda, Inc. • Anaconda Distribution for data science
• Anaconda Enterprise for data science
DataHero Provides data analytics solutions for various industries with cloud integration features. DataHero
Datameer • The company has offices in San Francisco, CA, NY in USA. It is located in Germany and U.K. also.
• The company provides analytics tool for enrire big data life cycle. They serve wide industries including retail, telecom, financial services.

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