10 Data Analytics companies in INDIA | Bangalore, Pune, Chennai

This page mentions data analytics companies in INDIA. It covers 10 data analytics companies in bangalore, pune, chennai cities of INDIA.

Company Description Website Link
Bridgei2i • The company is based on Bangalore and USA.
• Solutions are on marketing analytics, salea analytics, risk management, supply chain planning, engagement analytics, customer analytics etc.
Brillio • The company has 10 global offices including America, INDIA (Mumbai, Bangalore, Trivendrum), Europe.
Cartesian Consulting • Located in INDIAN cities bangalore, Mumbai (150 Km from Pune), Gurgaon etc. and other parts of the world.
• The company is specialized in customer analytics, marketing analytics and business analytics.
EXL Analytics • Company is specialized into analytics, banking and financial services, healthcare, accounting, Insurance etc. exlservice
Flytxt • Headquartered in Netherlands with offices in INDIA (Trivendrum, Mumbai).
• They have product called "NEON-dX" used for digital customer engagement automation. The product integrates analytics, AI and marketing automation capabilities.
MachinePulse • Located in Mumbai, Bangalore cities of INDIA.
• Solarpulse V4.0 is used as solar PV monitoring and analytics solution.
• Windpulse is used for wind farm analytics platform.
Quantium Analytics • Located in Hyderabad INDIA and other parts of the world.
Tata • Tata Steel joined with Tata iQ for ACOE (Analytics Centre of Excellence) TATA
The Smart Cube •  The company provides data analytics solutions. thesmartcube
ZS Associates • The company has solutions for business, customers, marketing etc. to provide services for clients in various industries. zs associates

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Top 10 Data Analytics companies in INDIA and USA | Data Analytics Courses in Bangalore INDIA

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Data Analytics companies in INDIA
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