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This page covers Bluetooth Speakers basics, 5 best Bluetooth Speakers manufacturers with features and benefits or advantages of Bluetooth Speakers.

What is Bluetooth Speakers?

• Speakers which are compliant to bluetooth wireless standards are known as bluetooth speakers. They work wirelessly in pairs and do not require any wires.
• Bluetooth is short range technology used for wireless communication between two devices.
• It operates on 2.4 GHz unlicensed frequency band. It is defined in IEEE 802.15.1 WPAN standard.
• Bluetooth supports different speeds and coverage ranges as per various versions viz. v1.2, v2, v3, v4, v4.1, v4.2 and v5. Data transfer speeds from 720 kbps to about 1/2 Mbps are usually supported. Coverage ranges from 10 meters to 100 meters are achieved by bluetooth devices.
• It is easy to pair bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth technology is widely used for consumer applications for data, audio, video and graphics. Bluetooth is widely adopted in commercial products which include bluetooth headphones, bluetooth speakers, bluetooth phones, stereo players etc.

5 Best Bluetooth Speakers Manufacturers

Following table mentions 5 best Bluetooth Speakers from popular manufacturers around the world. Let us go through specifications or features of all these bluetooth speakers along with their part or model numbers.

Manufacturers Description
SONY • Model number: SRS-XB10
• Provides extra bass
• Supports NFC
• provides 16 hours of battery life
• It consists of built in mic for hands fee operation.
• Operates on 2.4 GHz and covers 10 meters range.
• Battery of 1400 mAh capacity is used.
• Available in different colors viz. black, blue, green and red.
• Price: About 3200 INR (as on May 2018)
Philips • Model: BT50A/00
• Battery backup of 5 to 6 Hrs. is available.
• Used for wireless music streaming.
• It has anti-clipping and audio-in features.
• It delivers output power upto 2 Watts.
• Weight: 90g
• Price: about INR 1200 (as on May 2018)
Google • Model: Home Mini
• Brand color: Charcoal
• Power requirements: 5 V
• Supports wifi
• Weight: 173 g
• Supports operating systems viz. Android 4.4 or Higher, iOS 9.1 or Higher
• Price: INR 4499
JBL • Model: Tune Mono
• Supports NFC
• battery delivers 6 Hrs usage
• Many versions are available at higher prices.
• Price: about INR 2499
Photron • Model : P10
• Power output: 3 Watt
• USB chargeable
• Battery capacity: 400mAh and delivers play time of 3 hrs.
• Construction: Mini metal aluminium alloy
• Price: about 729

Advantages of Bluetooth Speakers

Following are the benefits or advantages of Bluetooth Speakers.
➨Bluetooth is wireless technology and hence users need not have to struggle with wires.
➨It offers less power consumption and hence users need not have to worry about battery usage for longer duration.
➨Bluetooth speakers are portable in design and hence delivers utmost comfort while using them.
➨It does not require any cumbersome installation. It takes just few seconds to start using it to play music/video files.
➨It delivers excellent voice quality to provide wholesome family entertainment.
➨Bluetooth speakers are smaller in size and light in weight. Hence they can be easily carried.
➨Refer Bluetooth advantages and disadvantages >> for more information.

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