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Top 10 AI telemedicine platforms in INDIA for patient doctor

This page lists Top 10 AI based telemedicine platforms INDIA for patient and doctor interaction. Top AI Telemedicine platforms in INDIA are Lybrate, mfine, Artelus, ChironX, LiveHealth, OnliDoc and Qure.ai.

There are numerous telemedicine platforms which can be used for online interactions between doctors and patients. This will help in reducing burden on healthcare workforce to handle pandemic diseases such as COVID-19. This online telemedicine platforms will help in reducing the number of COVID-19 positive cases by keeping such patients at home.

Telemedicine platforms INDIA Description
Lybrate It is an online doctor consultation platform. It connects patients with doctors. It provides online consultation. Patients can book lab tests and appointments online.
mfine This platform provides a virtual doctor with the ability to diagnose and triage common diseases. It refers patients with serious conditions to a hospital. Its goal is to provide healthcare to every Indian, including those in remote areas, through its virtual platform and AI software.
Artelus It is bangalore startup company with offices in USA and Dubai. The company is specialized in AI healthcare tools and services. They have tools which can be used for various online services to avoid direct personal contact between patients and doctors.
Website : https://www.artelus.com/
Email : contact@artelus.com
ChironX ChironX builds intelligent software to detect diseases that impact large populations from medical images. The company has headquarter in Gurugram, Haryana, India.
Website : https://chironx.ai/
LiveHealth It is a management information system for healthcare providers. It collects samples, manages patient records, diagnoses patients and generates reports.
OnliDoc It uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning ) for end-to-end medical diagnosis. It has a phone application (available on Apple Store and Google Play Store) which can be used to find doctors, book appointments, and store medical records and prescriptions.
Qure.ai The company develops deep learning algorithms that interpret radiology images. The company is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA.
Intellicon The compnay is located in , Ahmedabad, INDIA. Telemedicine solutions are provided by the company.
Televital The company develops telemedicine, eHealth and eLearning solutions
Website: http://www.televital.com/
i-Grandee Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Tamil Nadu, India
The company develops various healthcare products. contact@igrandee.com

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