Manufacturers Antenna Switch for 5G mobile phones, LTE mobile antenna tuner switch

This page describes 5G NR Antenna switch and its specifications used in 5G and LTE. The manufacturers of 5G mobile phone Antenna Switch and LTE mobile antenna tuning switch are also mentioned.

What is Antenna switch ?

Reconfigurable antennas are mainly designed based on four parameters viz. frequency, Bandwidth, radiation pattern and polarization. Based on these, there are different reconfigurable antenna types.

Switches are used between antennas and filters/duplexers/multiplexers for aperture and impedance tuning purpose. Switches are made using different techniques such as RF MEMS, Varactor diodes, PIN diodes etc. Optically activated switches are used in fiber optic systems.

RF MEMS switches offer speed in the range from 1 to 200 µs. > Antenna with varactor diode and capacitance can be controlled using varying bias voltage offer wide tuning range. PIN diode based switches are used for fast switching (1 to 100 nsec) and fast dynamic reconfiguration designs.

5G Mobile Phone Front End Part
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The figure depicts front end part of 5G mobile phone with position of antenna switch and antenna tuner.

Skyworks antenna tuning switch
Image Courtesy : Skyworks

The figure depicts antenna tuning switch part number SKY19256-701LF from Skyworks. It operates from 0.6 to 6 GHz and houses array of four SPST switches. It requires ultra low ON resistance and low OFF capacitance for tuning.

5G Antenna Switch Specifications

Following specifications or parameters are considered for selecting the Antenna switch for 5G mobile phone design.
• Application type : Aperture tuning or impedance tuning
• Frequency range of operation
• Switching mode type : SPST (single-pole, single-throw ) , SP3T (Single Pole Triple Throw) etc.
• Bias and control logic such as MIPI ( Mobile Industry Processor Interface)
• ON Resistance, OFF Capacitance
• Package type such as QFN

5G mobile phone antenna switch manufacturers

Following table mentions manufacturers of antenna switch for 5G NR mobile phone with part numbers and technical features.

5G mobile phone antenna switch Manufacturers Description
Skyworks • Part no : SKY19256-701LF, SKY19247-686LF
• SKY19256-701LF operates from 0.6 to 6 GHz and it is 4 x SPST switch.
• Above switch can be used for antenna tuning applications.
• The switch can be controlled by MIPI controller.
QorVo • Offers antenna switch modules for various cellular standards such as GSM, EDGE, UMTS, CDMA2000, LTE, 5G etc.
• Part number RF1119A can be used as SP4T (Single Pole Four Throw) switch applications. It supports frequencies from 400 to 3000 MHz.
• Visit QorVo website for other antenna switch modules.
Infineon • Part no : BGSA13GN10
• It supports single pole, triple throw tuning.
• It can be used from 500 MHz to 5 GHz frequency range.
Qualcomm • The company offers antenna modules and superior RF front end solutions which include Power Amplifier, RF Switch and Switch modules, LNA, Filters, antenna tuning solutions, Power Trackers, diversity receiver modules and so on. These RF front end solutions are used by various mobile phone manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, ZTE, ASUS, HTC, Google in their designs.
• QTM525 and QTM527 are mmwave antenna modules.

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