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This page mentions 5G Diplexer basics including its applications. It mentions list of 5G Diplexer manufacturers or 5G Diplexer Vendors in table format.

Introduction: The term 5G is used to refer fifth generation of wireless technologies. The standard supports frequencies in three categories viz. Sub-1 GHz, 1 to 6 GHz and above 6 GHz bands in mmwave range. The diplexer used for 5G bands is known as 5G diplexer.

5G diplexer in 5G beamforming module of 5G phone

The figure-1 depicts use of diplexers in 5G mobile phone between antenna array and PA/LNA. As shown it couples PA with transmit part of the antenna array element and LNA with receive part of the antenna array element. This is 5G beamforming module used in 5G FDD mode. Both LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) and PA (Power Amplifier) operates on different frequencies. In 5G TDD mode, SPDT switches and filters are used in place of diplexers due to operation at single frequency and different time instants.
Refer difference between FDD vs TDD >> and diplexer vs duplexer >> for more information.

RF Diplexer Applications

The other applications of RF diplexers are shown in the figure-2. As shown it can be used along with dual band radio as well as dual band antenna.

In Dual band radio, it separates received dual frequency signal into two separate signals with unique frequencies viz. 2.4 GHz and 4.9/5 GHz. These separated RF signals are transmitted using two antennas as shown.

In Dual band antenna, it combines the two different frequencies to be transmitted from two radios. The combined signal is relayed using dual band antenna.

5G Diplexer Manufacturers | 5G Diplexer Vendors

Following table lists manufacturers or vendors of 5G diplexers.

Manufacturers Description
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Tokyo Researchers have developed waveguide diplexer which works from 275 GHz to 500 GHz frequency range. It uses two different hybrid couplers in order to combine/divide two LO signals.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It offers dual band diplexers which can be used for 2450 +/- 50MHz and 5425 +/- 525 MHz frequency bands. It is used for sub 6GHz 5G applications.
Visit Website: https://www.murata.com/
L-com, Inc. Model number DP245-NF diplexer supports dual bands. It is designed to separate 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz received from single radio output. The separated 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals are fed to two separate antennas.
Qorvo, Inc It offers RF diplexers for lower 5G bands with its advanced BAW/SAW filter technologies.
AVX Corporation The company offers 0805 MLO™ series of diplexers used for various wireless standards.

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