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5G antenna tuner manufacturers | Antenna tuning in 5G smartphone

This page describes antenna tuning basics in 5G smartphones. It mentions list of 5G antenna tuner manufacturers or vendors.

What is Antenna tuning in 5G smartphones ?

Antenna tuners are devices placed between transmitter and antenna in order to increase the EM (Electro-Magnetic) signal radiation by minimizing mismatch and absorption losses.

Antenna tuners are categorized into aperture tuners and impedance tuners. Aperture tuners are placed at various locations in antenna design which help in improving total antenna efficiency. Impedance tuners are placed between RF front end and antenna which help in reducing mismatch losses over wide frequency range.

In latest technologies, number of antennas have been increased in order to support higher data rates using MIMO and CA (Carrier Aggregation) techniques. In 5G smartphones number of antenna requirements have been increased from 4-6 to about 8 or more.

Antenna tuners deliver following benefits in WiFi MIMO, 4G LTE and 5G NR (New Radio) systems.
➨Offers higher data rates.
➨Improves signal quality and coverage.
➨Enhances battery life.
➨Smaller phone designs by embedding appropriate compact tuning solutions.
➨Increased antenna efficiency over wide bandwidth.

Antenna Tuning methods

The figure depicts antenna tuning methods. Without tuning it is not possible to achieve maximum radiated power due to increased mismatches and higher absorption loss of RF signal. Aperture tuning and impedance tuning increases radiated power due to reduction in mismatches and RF signal absorption losses. Both aperture tuning and impedance tuning methods offer various antenna tuning solutions such as switch tuners, capacitive tuners and combination of both.

5G antenna tuner manufacturers

Following table lists popular manufacturers of 5G antenna tuners with their technical features.

5G antenna tuner manufacturers Description
Skyworks The company has developed wide band antenna tuners which supports bandwidth from 600 MHz to 6 GHz. The Sky5TM portfolio supports LTE advanced Pro and 5G standards. The tuners are MIPI controlled and supports 16 states. The SKYWORKS also offers other products such as 5G NR PA (Power Amplifier) with integrated LNAs, 5G NR LAA receiver, 5G NR diversity modules, Switches, Filters etc.
QorVo The company offers aperture tuning and impedance tuning solutions as part of antenna control solutions. These solutions are used in next generation 4G/5G smartphones or mobile handsets. The solutions support key features such as envelope tracking, higher efficiency, reduced complexity, smaller size etc. Few of the impedance tuners include QM13244, QM13341, QM13344 etc.
Infineon Technologies AG The company offers antenna tuners with latest tuning switches which can support Sub-7.2 GHz frequency bands. Models include BGSA144ML10, BGSA403ML10 and BGSA400ML10. Antenna tuners from Infineon are available in very smaller footprints usually 0.95 X 1.3 mm2. They are used in 4G and 5G smartphones.
Qualcomm The company has developed 5G adaptive antenna tuning solution which improves antenna performance and helps OEMs to address requirements of increased number of antennas and wide frequency ranges to be supported in next generation smartphones. The solution is enhanced with AI feature.

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