Local variable vs global variable in labview

Local Variable in Labview

Local Variables: The Local Variable item is located on the Structures palette on the Block Diagram(BD).

When you place a Local variable in BD panel, it will look like a question mark symbol. After this just right click on the local variable & choose 'Select Item' & select which Indicator/Control you would like to connect it to. The other way to create the local variable is to right-click on a Indicator/Control either in Front Panel or in BD and select 'Create ? Local Variable'.

Global Variable in Labview

Global Variables: Use global variables to access and pass data among several VIs. When you place a global variable on the Block Diagram, it looks like a question mark with globe symbol.

Once you create global variable in any labview VI, labview engine automatically creates 'global variable vi' in the following directory. Pls. note that only front panel of the global variable exists.
C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2012\examples\general\globals.llb\Global-var.vi

Download Labview Source code of this local variable and global variable labview example

Download local variable example labview VI
Download Global variable example labview VI-part1
Download Global variable example labview VI-part2

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