Plotting in labview

The following plots are available under Controls Palette/Graph Inds and are the most widely used.

Waveform Chart: A numerical indicator that is used to display single or multiple plots and receives numerical data one value at a time. These types of plots are good to use inside loops.

Waveform Graph: Also a numerical indicator that is capable of displaying single or multiple plots; however, it receives data in an array and then plots it. These types of plots are good outside of loops and if you are not concerned with the data until all the data is collected.

XY Graph: This type of labview graph accepts two inputs in the form of cluster i.e. X and Y arrays. This graph is useful for analyzing non real-time data e.g. force vector vs distance vector.


plotting labview fig1


plotting labview fig2

Download Labview Source code of this plotting example

Download waveform graph,chart and XY graph labview VI

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Useful Links to Labview Source codes

Refer following as well as links mentioned on left side panel for useful labview source codes.

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