LTE PCH Physical layer processing

This page describes LTE PCH basic function and mention PCH physical layer processing for transmitter part. The reference link to LTE physical layer is also provided.

LTE PCH channel carry RRC paging message using RLC (transparent mode) and PCCH logical channel. Refer paging procedure for more details including contents of paging message.

PCH Transport block will have variable size which depends on content of paging message. The LTE PCH physical layer processing for transport block is shown in the figure below.

LTE PCH Physical layer processing

Following are the steps in the physical layer processing of PCH data.

• CRC helps in error detection at receiver.

• Insertion of filter bits ensures that the block of data has a size of at least 40 bits.

• Channel coding helps in forward error correction at the receiver.

• Rate matching module interleaves and adjusts the quantity of data to match the capacity offered by PDSCH.

• After rate matching PCH code waord is QPSK modulated and later mapped to allocated PDSCH resource elements. The paging message is transferred during 1ms subframe(i.e. during paging occasion of the DRX cycle).

LTE Physical Layer

Refer LTE Physical layer page for detailed description on eNodeB and UE physical layer transmitter compliant to LTE standard.


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