Zigbee Sensor Basics

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This page describes zigbee sensor basics and provide list of Zigbee sensor vendors which covers humidity, temperature, lighting sensors, Optical smoke sensor and magnetic sensors which are based on Zigbee wireless technology.

As we know Zigbee has wide variety of devices for various applications from home automation to electricity and so on. One of the applications of the same is zigbee sensors. We will take use case of Xbee based zigbee sensor to understand the concept.

Xbee Sensor

Xbee sensors are designed for various applications such as temperature, humidity and lighting. It operates at ISM 2.4 GHz frequency band. It has RF data rate range of about 250Kbps. The indoor coverage is about 133 ft and outdoor coverage is about 400 ft. It has transmit power of 1.25mW in normal mode and about 2mW in boost mode. It supports networking topologies viz. mesh, point to point and point to multipoint.

The zigbee sensor from Xbee measures temperature from range -18 degree C to + 55 degree C with accuracy of +/- 2 degree C. It measures humidity within range 0 to 100 % RH with accuracy of +/- 3.5 % RH. The light sensor part measures within spectral bandwidth range from 360 to 970 nm.

Optical smoke sensor and magnetic sensors are also available based on zigbee standard.

Zigbee sensor vendors, manufacturers

Following are zigbee sensor manufacturers or vendors:
•  Digi International Inc.
Website- www.digi.com

Website- https://develcoproducts.com/Products/ZigBee_Sensors.aspx
Email- info@develcoproducts.com

•  Libelium
Website- https://www.libelium.com/products/waspmote/
Email- info@libelium.com

•  Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Global, {zigbee sensor}
•  Texas Instruments,
•  Nietzsche Enterprise Co., Ltd. ,Taiwan
•  Telegesis Ltd,UK. {zigbee sensor}
•  Olimex
pikkerton GmbH, {zigbee sensor, Actuator, gateway}

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