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zigbee to ethernet converter is used to connect ethernet compliant devices having ethernet port to interface with zigbee wireless network. It operates as per IEEE 802.15.4 and ethernet standards. mesh and star network topologies are supported. It has 128 bit AES encryption and works on DC power input. It supports 99 nodes per network.

zigbee router,zigbee bridge are the popular name which performs the same function as described above depending upon the interface requirement. The ethernet interface supports 10/100Mbps with RJ45 port, RS232/422/485 serial interfac ports.

Zigbee to ethernet converter

One such example is NPort Z3150 from MOXA. It acts as Zigbee Coordinator. This can be interfaced with ethernet port of the system as well as zigbee router or end devices. Figure depicts the same. It supports data rate of 250kbps in the 100 meter coverage. Operates at RF frequency of about 2.4 GHz.

Another popular one is XBee® to IP gateway from Digi International Inc. provides connectivity between zigbee wireless network and IP network.

Zigbee to ethernet manufacturers

Following are reputed zigbee to ethernet converter manufacturers which also covers zigbee to RS232/422/485 converters.
•  DIGI International Inc. {zigbee to ethernet converter}
•  ETHERNET DIRECT Corporation
•  ExpertDAQ, GmbH, Germany, {zigbee to ethernet converter,zigbee to wifi, zigbee to RS232/485/422 converter}
•  Nimbus Technologies,INDIA ,https://www.gprsrtu.net/
•  Fuji Electric, https://www.coulton.com/ {zigbee to ethernet converter}
•   Anewtech systems,
•  Antaira Technologies.
•  Mootek Technologies,{zigbee to ethernet converter}

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