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wireless surveillance system

Surveillance is not limited to only RF and Wireless field. Anything related to security of a person or things is referred as surveillance. There are both software and hardware tools available for both wired and wireless applications. The technique or method to detect and to locate illegal and suspicious radio frequency transmissions or emissions is referred as RF surveillance.

The wireless solution for this need is referred as wireless surveillance system. The same is explained below in the figure.

How it works?

wireless surveillance system

The basic modules or processes involved in wireless surveillance system are tracking, filtering, recording and analyzing. Wireless surveillance system is the receiver part. In the first stage, it will track and select the frequency band and will identify the signal. In the second stage, it will sort out the desired signal of interest based on auto modulation detection, threshold detection and alarm conditions. In the last stages it will demodulate, decode , record and analyze the received signals.

As mentioned in the figure, the area or region to be monitored are fixed with RF emitters or sensors. These sensors radiate frequencies. These frequencies vary based on various standards/technologies such as WLAN, Zigbee, WiMAX or any cellular technologies (GSM,CDMA,LTE) etc. Hence wireless surveillance system need to have frequencies as per sensors/devices used in the location of surveillance.


The use of wireless surveillance system is vast and we have listed few of them. This system plays very vital role in RF surveillance.
•  Spectrum regulators
•  Public Safety Agencies
•  Border security force
•  coastal security
•  Military


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