WiFi vs Super WiFi-Difference between WiFi and Super WiFi

This page compares WiFi vs Super WiFi and mentions difference between WiFi and Super WiFi technologies. The super wifi is based on IEEE 802.11af WLAN and IEEE 802.22 WRAN standards.

Specifications WiFi Super WiFi
Distance coverage 100 meters 400 meters, can extend upto 8 Kms and above
Wall penetration Lower Higher (i.e. deeper), TV white space frequencies penetrate more deeper compare to wifi signal through more walls and obstacles
Standard IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ad IEEE WLAN 802.11af , 802.22 WRAN
Data Rate 100 Mbps (11n) to Gbps (11ad) 25 Mbps (11af) to 40 Mbps(11ah)
Frequency of Operation 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Operates in TV bands 470MHz to 790MHz (in Europe) and 54MHz to 698MHz (in USA)
NLOS performance Good better than wifi as it uses lower TV white space frequencies
Network Cost Higher Lower
Power Consumption Higher Lower
Bandwidth Lower Higher
Applications Internet or data communication same as wifi but at higher speed and deeper in the rooms where wifi signal is not available

Refer following links on 802.11af WLAN and 802.22 WRAN for more information on Super wifi.

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